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Cold Stores

Servicing North Queensland

Harbourside Coldstores specialise in the storage and handling of North Queensland primary products as well as providing refrigerated support to the retail service sector.

Harbourside Coldtores holds export accreditation for Meat, Fish, Dairy, Eggs, and fruit & vegetable products. Harbourside Coldstores holds Woolworths WQA and SQF 2000 accreditation.

Temperature Control

Range of temperature enviroments

Freezer Storage    -25 degree C 
Chilled Storage    +2 degree C 
                   +8 degree C 
                   +12degree C 
Blast freezing     -25degreeC  
Plate freezing     -25degreeC 

Export Registered

Est 5153

Storage - Meat (Chilled, frozen) 
          Fish (Chilled, frozen 
          Dairy(Chilled, frozen) 
          Egg commodity(frozen) 
Freezing- Meat 
Processing - Fish 

Export Registered

Est 5153

  Fish products under AA 
  Egg products under AA 
  Fresh fruit & vegetables 
  Export Certification 
Fish Documentation: 
  bilvalve mollusc, fish, prawns 
Egg Documentation: eggs in shell